NOSQL community

The young “nosql” community met recently in San Francisco. A solid introduction was given about how distributed, non relational databases work. Moreover, they give an overview of the various projects out there.

Presentation slides and videos
Intro session – Todd Lipcon, Cloudera (slides, video1, video2)
Voldemort – Jay Kreps, Linkedin (slides, video1, video2)
Cassandra – Avinash Lakshman, Facebook (slides, video)
Dynomite – Cliff Moon, Powerset (slides, video)
HBase – Ryan Rawson, Stumbleupon (slides, video)
Hypertable – Doug Judd, Zvents (slides, video1, video2)
CouchDB – Chris Anderson, (slides, video1, video2)

VPork – Jon Travis, Springsource (slides, video)
MongoDb – Dwight Merriman, 10gen (slides, video)
Infinite Scalability – Jonas S Karlsson, Google (slides, video)

Some videos by Digg’s John Quinn, the rest by Martin Dittus from Pictures by Russ Garrett from