Nicolas Bonvin

Cloud & Web Architect at causal.ch

From 2005 to 2007, he worked as a consultant at Novell Inc. and was involved in projects related to identity management, business process modeling, infrastructure and software development.

In 2007, he joined the Distributed Information Systems Laboratory (LSIR) of EPFL as a Ph.D student, working on P2P networks, large-scale systems and cloud computing and taking part of several European projects, including NEPOMUK and OKKAM. In 2011, he completed his PhD thesis on “Linear Scalability of Distributed Applications” under the supervision of Prof. Karl Aberer. He has a publication record to high quality conferences such as IEEE ICDE, ACM SOCC, IEEE/ACM CCGRID , IEEE CLOUD, CAiSE. His research interests includes large-scale systems, storage systems, databases, networking and security.

Currently, Nicolas Bonvin is Chief Technology Officer at Causal.

Personal homepage: nbonvin.me