FLUXO: A Simple Service Compiler

Interesting paper from Microsoft:

In this paper, we propose F LUXO, a system that separates
an Internet service’s logical functionality from the archi-
tectural decisions made to support performance, scala-
bility, and reliability. F LUXO achieves this separation
through three mechanisms: 1) a coarse-grained dataflow-
based programming model; 2) detailed runtime request
tracing to capture workload distributions, performance
behavior, and resource requirements; and 3) a set of anal-
ysis techniques that determine how to apply simple, pa-
rameterized dataflow transformations to optimize the ser-
vice architecture for performance, scalability, and relia-
bility. In this paper, we describe our vision for how to
make Internet services easier to construct, and show how
a variety of Internet service performance optimizations
may be expressed as transformations applied to F LUXO