How to start a PhD in computer science ?

I’m currently trying to write my thesis plan, here are some general advices:

  • refine your idea, play with it, try to find several applications of your idea
  • don’t try to compete with industrial developments (big players)
  • define a clear scope of your idea: which kind of applications will benefit from your idea ?
  • define the emphasis on precise points (want to minimize latency, power consumption, latency, … ?)
  • define a business model: who is the provider ? Who is the consumer ? What is the service provided ?
  • find 3-4 practical or technical problems to solve in order to make your idea concrete
  • have a careful look at the current literature, and find out the related works in the field of your idea and in the neighbors fields.

After this process, you should have a small document explaining clearly your novel idea and its direction. Then, it’s recommended to quickly advertise your idea by solving one of the technical problem and publish a paper about it, so that the scientific community is aware of your work.